Strategic Planning on the Internet

Prioritizing needs and payoffs against your capabilities and budget, create a winning roadmap with the analytics to prove it.

What’s your goal – improving brand strength, winning market share, simplifying registration and support, closing client gaps, replenishing consumables, or delivering updates? Identifying goals and prioritizing needs are an absolute necessity for timely deliverables and quality assurance.

Understanding how you are going to get there, what it is going to take, and how you will measure successes along the way, are critical components requiring experienced leadership. The goal is always the same, maintainable design, interactive content, architectural flow, security and performance, but at the tactical layer, teams, development, processes, and customer engagement are going to get you there.

While winning business models requires strategy and planning, verifying success requires projections and analytics, and there will be ups and downs along the way. Keep an eye on the payoff and engage, while nevering forget to ask yourself, would I use it?

Written by: Bruce Yeager, See References

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