Email Advertising

It is clear that email advertising continues to thrive, delivering significant returns competitive with most other channel. In fact, it was forecasted to grow 11% in 2014, according to Forrester Research, and 2015 gains will soon be evident. Better and compelling content is clearly responsible as many ads feature dynamic HTML, clickable screenshots, video, and forms.

Cluttered inboxes, targeted messages and opt-in permissions remain ongoing threats, while industry benchmarks, usage analytics, performance metrics, and the like, continue to identify campaign performance. The increase of email image blocking, mobile device use, and email list size, contributed to average open rate decreases, while highest open rates continue to be obtained on Weekends (Sunday, then Saturday)!

Well designed subject lines, advertising content and interactivity continue to be critical to a campaigns success. The ongoing measurement of success is made possible through analytics. Programs that track alaytic results will steer improvements, set benchmarks and set expectations. Performance analytics, such as click through rates (CTR) and bounce rates (number of emails not reaching a recipient) are commonly used to gage of perfromance.

Overuse of this medium should be avoided as it could annoy and deter customers away from your brand, though one exception to this is well integrated opt-in product registration strategies. Opt-in strategies that qualify interest are particularly effective in keeping the customer engaged and intune with new product offerings.

Written by: Bruce Yeager, See References

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