Building Brand with SMO!

It has been said that maintaining brand dominance requires advertising, but building brand awareness requires publicity. Social media optimization (SMO) is perfect breeding grounds for publicity. Social media optimization not only helps build brand awareness, but it also furthers your SEO initiatives by building back links to your site as well.

We have reached an age where, 40% of the world’s population uses the Internet. Of the 40,000 adults, 16 and over responding to surveys in the Americas, EMEA and Europe, GlobalWebIndex reports that 91% use a laptop, 80% have a smartphone, and 47% use a tablet.

1.7 billion users, that's one quarter of the earths inhabitants are currently using social media and that's forecasted to increase another 43%, by year end! In fact, every minute of every day, 293,000 status updates occur on Facebook, 433,000 Tweets are sent, and 4.7 million new posts occur on Tumblr (including reblogs).

As an indicator of eCommerse use, We are Social, announced that in China, for the month of January, 2015, 37% of the population used a PC to purchase a product online, 27% used a mobile phone to purchase, 20% use a PC to research products to purchase, and 25% research using a phone. Furthermore, 26% are using a phone to perform mobile banking services and 19% are performing mobile-based searches, as well.

Make no mistake about it, the integration of Social Media, Social eCommerce, and SEO, is the battleground of Internet marketing business success.

Written by: Bruce Yeager, See References

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