User Experience Design

Does your site fall short of a first-rate user experience? Billions of dollars of business is thrown away due to poor design and there is pleanty of good reasons why. Whether it be search engine optimization, look and feel, site performance, locator services, inadequate information, lousy shopping cart implementation or just difficult to find contact information, understanding your customers - profile, expectations and use - of your product are key to a successful design!

User experience design (UX) maximizes the use of your site through architecture and interaction models created using customer personas. In short, your customer base is broken up into named personalities that the site architects use to model the design after, by asking themselves how would specifically profiled users use the product.

UX owes its roots to human factors and ergonomics. Its primary goals are to invoke positive experiences and feeling during use. The scope of the field is directed towards all aspects of the interaction, how it is perceived, learned and used! Its strength in development lies in the subjective understanding of expectation and use patterms of specifically profiled users.

Written by: Bruce Yeager, See References

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