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What’s there to do today? Regardless of the individual marketing efforts, sites, and services, most consumers have tremendous difficulty answering this very question. Areaedge helps contributors share events and places worth visiting, so each of can wake up confident knowing just what to do today.

Areaedge is Thinkstar’s first social media project and it represents the culmination of our technological skills. Though structurally different, it builds upon and advances the core technology offered in Mallbop and it is our most commercial-ready end-end offering.

Areaedge is a proximity driven event system that displays fun “to-do" postings shared by contributors using a custom built, highly integrated posting upload content management system. By selecting dates and distances, consumers can make visible all that is happening around them.

Advertisers delight in knowing that all posts rank equally without paid ads. Areaedge is first and foremost proximity driven like Mallbop, as local advertising is our top priority! Posts are found by menu item, date and price range and proximity and selections can narrowed even further by selecting category or name in the search bar - that's a lot of ways to be found! Logo Marketing Image


If seamlessly locating goods and products locally, across retail stores and malls, sounds like the perfect local village, then you are not alone. The local retail industry is being clobbered by eCommerce giants, including Amazon and eBay. While the global retail market is reaching $25 trillion USD, its growth is not expected to pick up until 2023. Meanwhile, eCommerce sales worldwide has topped $3.5 trillion USD, and is expected to reach $6.5 billion by 2023*.

While many consumers today, are satisfied with product availability, low costs and quick delivery provided by online retail conglomerates, including Amazon and eBay, another threat exists for large retail store chains. Traditional and private label brands are increasingly bypassing retail partners and selling direct to the consumer, taking advantage of direct relationships, first party analytics, and product personalization*

Mallbop explores the local village shopping model by providing multi-key product indexing and proximity-based searches preserving the direct retailer-customer relationship. It offers stores the capacity to post their retail goods online so that they can be found outside of their website silo, while helping consumers identify products locally across retailers. Logo Marketing Image


Thinkstar believes that one highly disregarded vertical is the local classified ad space - $2.565 Billion in the U.S. alone in 2020, according to Statistica, to be exact. Classified ad service an important need for many citizens and have a worthy placeholder in the local economy. Used good sales, enable those with less to have and experience more and increases (tax-free) spending capital, while often reducing landfill.

Consumer use of classified ad portals remains limited, often preferring local circles and word of mouth to sell used goods, regardless of greater technical proficiency and readily accessible mobile cameras.

There are many keys opportunities within this vertical, including: improving upon user experineces, leveraging second party trusted partner advertising (SPTPA), developing effective API’s to embed classified ads on trusted partner sites, and better implementing “wanted” advertisement registration and pushed content.

Proximity based local classified advertising is a core capability of Mallbop, that has been strategically broken off into it’s own product, code named: OfferOrbit.

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The Internet is for many young and old, a treasure of resources. As audiences learn new ways to push its boundaries, rich content grows exponentially, accessible from any device. Capitalizing on demand, advertisers are developing increasingly rich and compelling content, while working with search engine providers to monitor and direct user behavior according to interest-based needs, surfaced by keywords, site visitation, embedded code, analytics, predictive algorithms, and artificial intelligence.

The number of users coupled with growing content and applications, represents opportunities for everyone, irrespective of their intention. The best designed and most compelling messages redirect consumer’s attention to new and unplanned experiences. Analytics monitor search and use patterns, pinpointing interests, improving experiences, and converting shoppers, while agencies across the world scamper to identify patterns that can preempt potentially threating behavior.

The question not fully addressed, as evident from hate crimes, terrorism, suicides, homelessness, education and healthcare costs, worldwide hunger, global warming, declining church attendance and cultural Christianity, is how can the Internet best serve humanity?

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Different from third-party marketing brokers, including Google and DoubleClick, second party trusted advertisements are built upon relationships and commitment to intentionally share ad space on sites. Thinkstar believes that second party trusted party advertising is a key opportunity in advancing certain key marketing efforts, including that on

Simply compare advertising space to brick and mortar real estate and it’s easy to understand the opportunities for SPTPA brokers leveraging AI driven analytics with market segment knowledge to foster relationships and drive click-through sales within this vertical. SPTPA is second party trusted partner advertising that provides first party analytics and brokered online advertising where strategically it makes sense, namely using some combination of analytics and AI to prospect.

Thinkstar is the owner of the SPTPA.Com domain, strategically procurred for future use.