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What’s there to do today? Regardless of all of the individual marketing efforts, sites and services, most consumers have tremendous difficulty answering this very question. Areaedge helps contributors share events and places worth visiting, so each of can wake up confident knowing just what to do today.

Areaedge is Thinkstar’s first social media project and it represents the culmination of our technological skills. Though structurally different, it builds upon and advances the core technology offered in Mallbop and it is our most commercial-ready end-end offering.

Areaedge is a proximity driven event system that displays fun “to-do" postings shared by contributors using a custom built, highly integrated posting upload content management system. By selecting dates and distances, consumers can make visible all that is happening around them.

Advertisers delight in knowing that all posts rank equally without interference from paid ads. Areaedge is first and foremost proximity driven like Mallbop, as local advertising is our top priority. Post content and pictures are found by menu item, date and price range and local proximity. Posts can be narrowed even further by selecting a category or name using the search bar -- that's a lot of ways to be found!

Further postings feature content and ratings generated by the consumer, that when combined represent a truthful perspective about the experience, place or event, and this valuable first-hand information can be used to act upon and improve user experiences everywhere.

Areaedge is hosted on a fully secure and scalable cloud environment. Funding, technical and marketing support, and legal management remains key obstacles preventing full scale market deployment.