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Thinkstar, LLC

Suite 101, 21 Brownlee Place, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

Thinkstar, LLC, is wholly owned and operated by its founder, Bruce Yeager. Bruce obtained the trademark for Thinkstar, in 2002, and has owned this domain ever since 1998. In 2013, Thinkstar, became an LLC, and its focus shifted towards developing products internally that had only been the focus of business plans previously.

Having an educational background that includes an MBA, Global Business; BS, Computer Science with Industrial Engineering minor, and prior experience and titles, including: Software Engineer, Sr. Systems Engineer, IT Project Manager, Worldwide Software Product Manager (Marketing), Sr. Program Manager (Strategic Marketing), Sales & Marketing Associate, and President, Integrated Database Technology, the development processes came naturally, but evolved slowly.

Though a part-time, incomeless endeavor for many years, today, Thinkstar, LLC, proudly shares it development endeavors achieved using solid agile, PMI PMP, and SCRUM Master certification experience, including:

Areaedge: Helping contributors share events and places worth visiting, so each of can wake up confident knowing just what to do today.

Mallbop (code name): Offering local stores the capacity to post their retail goods online so that they can be found outside of their website silo, while still maintaining the direct relationship with the consumer.

OfferOrbit (code name): Elevating classified advertising to the professional level to take advantage of professional displays and online tools, including price alerts and want add posts, while supporting local second party trusted partner classified advertising. Derivatives of this product will support on-line profit and non-profit rummage sales for fund raising purposes.

GeoLark (concept): Enabling contributors to share real world experiences using social posts to discuss and illustrate how they overcame life’s many challenges using creative content that educators, spiritual and religious leaders can review, endorse and leverage, while providing uplifting and timely peer-peer messages for those in need.

SPTPA (concept): Providing second party trusted partner online click-through ad brokerage with first party analytics where strategically it makes sense, namely using some combination of analytics and AI to prospect strategic partner relationships.

CityBrim.com (new): Deploying virtual online services, specifically implemented for those with limited mobility, to uplift lives while in hospital, retirement facilities or home-bound, so they can visit life’s many wonders and perhaps even fill their bucket list to the brim.