The Internet is for many young and old, a treasure of resources. As audiences learn new ways to seek out its boundaries, rich content grows exponentially, accessible from almost any device. Capitalizing on demand, advertisers are developing ever increasingly rich and compelling content, while working with search engine providers to monitor and direct user behavior according to interest-based needs, surfaced by keywords, site visitation, embedded code, analytics, predictive algorithms, and artificial intelligence.

The number of increasing users coupled with growing content and applications, represents opportunities for almost everyone, irrespective of their intention. The best designed and most compelling messages redirect consumer’s attention to new and unplanned experiences while on their Internet journey. Analytics monitor search and use patterns, pinpointing interests, improving experiences, controlling interest and converting shoppers, while agencies across the world scamper to identify patterns that can preempt potentially threating behavior.

The question not yet fully addressed, as evident from hate crimes, terrorism, suicides, homelessness, education and healthcare costs, worldwide hunger, and global warming, not to mention declining church attendance and cultural Christianity, is how will the Internet best serve humanity?

Questions about medicine, healthcare, fitness, diet, economics, finance, and religion are being routinely addressed, as social circles and communities are grown and established. Internet users are drawn to consistent, compelling, and accessible experiences, brought to life by media and content. Compelling content, rich media, and data accessibility has driven the growth of the Internet and is needed to grow educational, spiritual, and healthcare guidance as well.

Gelolark aims to address this need by employing social media technology like that used in Areaedge or otherwise, to facilitate independent contribution of content, media, and messages, endorsable and sharable by educational, healthcare and spiritual advocates.

The idea central to Geolark is that as we all share common life experiences, there is an opportunity to share obstacles, lessons learned and goodwill, though posts and media creations from independent and anonymous contributors that educators, spiritual and religious leaders can review, endorse and leverage, while providing uplifting and timely peer-peer messages to those in need.

Geolark’s specific goals include:


Different from third-party marketing brokers, including Google and DoubleClick, second party trusted advertisements are built upon relationships and commitment to intentionally share ad space on sites. Thinkstar believes that second party trusted party advertising is a key opportunity in advancing certain key marketing efforts, including that on

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